Valentine’s Day Ideas In Full Swing!

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If you’re in Ontario, you likely didn’t go anywhere on Friday night. Apparently Mother Nature decided to finally throw some serious snow our way. I’m not complaining. Other than the fact that my daughter has a huge aversion to getting her hands “dirty” with the white stuff, no harm is being done (famous last words).

So since I didn’t leave the house, I got to thinking about Valentine’s Day. When I was wee, it was my favourite made up holiday. Now that I’m an adult, it can be a bit of a pain. I love my husband to death, romance rocks, beautiful feelings should be celebrated … but having *one* designated day a year for it is kind of forced. That’s the general consensus in my household anyhow. Years ago when my husband and I agreed about our feelings for February 14th, we decided to do something about it. Yes, we’d celebrate + get a gift for each other … but we had to have fun + put some thought into it. The Scavenger Hunt/Criteria Gift Idea was born (no, we don’t have a good title for it). Here’s how it works.

At some point when one of us realizes Valentine’s is coming up, we panic. Just kidding. We sit down and come up with five criteria for the gift. What we end up buying/making has to meet three of the five criteria + it has to cost us under $50. This year I think I emailed him and said we needed to come up with the list. He emailed me back with, “Octagon!”. Well played, husband. Well played. We went back + forth from there. This year’s list is:

1. Octagon
2. Purple
3. Metal
4. Plastic
5. Circle

Neither of us has bought the gift yet but I do know what I’m getting … and I always go for bragging rights so I’m aiming for all five. Wish me luck everyone. I’m going to need it.

Oh. I did post about this before a couple years ago here and here. Hopefully our wacky ways inspire some others <3

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