While the blog’s new look gets the finishing touches (yes, I broke down and decided I couldn’t do it all myself) *AND* I start on a new scheduling process, how about some pretty for you to enjoy? Here’s a wedding that {Moments That Shine} was lucky enough to be a part of with some other great vendors including Andrea of {AC Images} and the wonderful venue, {The Manor} at Kettleby. Enjoy the wonderful shots of Rebecca + Jeremy’s day …

Waxman's Wedding Details Collage Picture by AC Images. Wedding by Moments That Shine.

Waxman Bridal Party by AC Images. Wedding by Moments That Shine.

Bridal Collage Picture by AC Images. Wedding by Moments That Shine.

Newlyweds at the Gazebo by AC Images and Moments That Shine

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If you’ve stumbled upon the blog the past few days you’ll notice the new look. I should be hiding it until it’s ready for the launch but I’m just too in love. In the end I decided to hire someone who knew what they were doing. Remember? Hire your weaknesses! Keep watching for the official launch. Until then, don’t mind the messiness.

While I have your attention, are you following Moments That Shine on {Facebook} + {Pinterest}? If not, what are you waiting for?! Join in on the fun!

My favourite pin today? This lovely DIY Feather Mask from Rusche … definitely trying!

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Okay … you’ll notice as I’m updating the look of the blog that I’m also breaking it. My apologies! At the moment I *think* it’s best viewed in Internet Explorer. With that said, posts are getting chopped off, fonts are grainy and some features aren’t working. I promise that once I’m done tinkering I’ll get a professional to look it over and correct my HTML ;)

Until then, how about some pretty pictures? Love these looks. The first photo is from a wedding in my home province of B.C. Check out the {link} for the full story and photographer credits …

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If anyone ever needs a testimonial on how social media is moving and evolving at a rapid pace, just send me an email. I used to be with it. I used to receive compliments from colleagues. Now I’m just trying to figure out where to start! Sure the blog needs a new look (excuse the mess) but content is king. And speaking of content, I have new things to think about like the titles of my posts, SEO, where to link my blog post to … this is sheer madness! If I didn’t want to learn and be involved, I’d be hiring someone. Actually, that’s the best business advice I ever received. Hire your weaknesses. Hopefully {re}blogging isn’t one of mine.

I’ll leave you with a photo of what I’m currently doing … retouching and editing all my photos. You’ll notice that jewellery is popping up more and more with my work. Love weddings but this just might be the main focus now …

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So yeah. Two years. Eeps! I guess it can all be traced back to the birth to the most amazing little human being I’m lucky enough to call a daughter. My mind frame switched from business + blogging + making money to care-taking + teaching + having fun with a toddler. That’s a pretty fulfilling trade-off.

Now it’s time to start redecorating and getting back into the saddle again. It’s going to be a slow process but I do hope you check back every once in a while to keep me honest in updating.

Until next time, here’s a snapshot of Seraphina in her Halloween costume (and me). Yes, the idea came from Pinterest ;)

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“Can you make our wedding video look filmic?”

“Can you shoot documentary style?”

As a wedding Toronto wedding videographer, I hear these questions a lot. And truthfully there is no short answer. It is challenging trying to sum up our or anyone’s work in one word or phrase.

The terms, “filmic” and “documentary” get thrown around a lot, and can mean different things to different people. Often times, a videographer won’t strictly belong to one category or the other. If you’re not sure where a certain videographer fits in, just ask to see a sample of a complete wedding they have shot and edited… then decide if you like it. Then, who cares what it’s called? If you like it, you like it.

Usually, a “filmic” or “cinematic” look implies that a video has been shot widescreen or 16:9 (with the growing popularity of widescreen TVs, most videographers shoot widescreen these days anyway), with saturated colours, and some dramatic slow motion effects. It can also mean very stable moving shots created with the help of cranes or jib arms, steadicam apparatus, etc.

The advantages to going with a cinematic videographer, is that you literally get a chance to star in your own professionally shot movie. You will be beautifully lit, and captured from the right angles, and only the best, most glamorous shots will make the final cut. You may never look better!

The drawback, of course, is the cost. It takes a lot of people to put a production like this together, not to mention a lot of high end equipment. And finally, there is editing time: for a truly filmic experience, several hours in an editing suite is required to synch up footage from multiple cameras, mix sound and music, create transition effects and titles, etc.

Another drawback, depending on your point of view, is it is not an ideal setup for the camera-shy. You will be surrounded by a crew, lights, and equipment. You will likely be aware of the cameras. You may occasionally have to wait for the cameras to get in place or re-enact for the cameras if necessary.

A “documentary” approach implies that your video is shot with less bulky equipment, and you might only get one or two cameramen with this approach.

The drawback of a documentary approach is it’s going to have a grittier look than the filmic approach. How gritty? Again, this is going to vary from shooter to shooter, so ask to see a sample DVD to come to your own conclusion.

The major advantage of a documentary approach is that because the equipment is lighter, the shooters have more flexibility, so they can move and capture spontaneous moments as they happen naturally. The approach is less obtrusive, and when done correctly, you shouldn’t feel the cameras around you a whole lot. The cost for a documentary approach should be less: the equipment isn’t as high end or cumbersome and you can get away with less people on set. How smooth the final DVD looks depends on the amount of time allocated to editing, and this can vary from production house to production house.

Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the pros and cons of a filmic approach and a documentary approach. It should make finding a balance between these two styles easier, so that you end up with a wedding videographer that is right for you.

- Nishi Dias
Night Day Productions

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At the moment I’m painstakingly starting an Etsy shop. Because I’m lame and am too much of a perfectionist for my own good, the blog is kinda suffering. Soooooo … here’s a cal out to all of you for guest blogging submissions. I’ll take anything bridal or lifestyle related. Just send me an email to inquiries{at}momentsthatshine.com and I’ll get you set up with more details. I’m looking for a good five-ten entries over the next couple weeks with the possibility of a recurring spot. It’s great advertising for those of you with businesses and it’s a great outlet for those of you who just want to write!

Once again, email Susan at inquiries{at}momentsthatshine.com for more info :)

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I was born in Victoria, British Columbia. I lived there for over 25 years and, quite frankly, it’s where my heart is. That’s not to say other cities aren’t fabulous but when people ask me where home is, Victoria is always my answer. As a bit of an homage, I decided to ‘Shop Local’ on .: Etsy :. and show off a few of the artisans from there. Have fun browsing!

Where is Victoria? It’s the capital city of British Columbia, Canada and on a wee Island! .: Urban Combing :. can show you on this map necklace!

And .:A2SeaPhotography :. can show you the gorgeous Parliament lights … oh how I miss them!
Read more…

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My lovely friends and colleagues Irina & Mihkel from .: Irina Photography :. are expecting a bundle of joy any day now. We were working a wedding together earlier in the spring when they shared the good news with my own family. To say I’m overjoyed for them is an understatement. Ever since having Seraphina I’ve been a touch excited when other friends are about to take the leap into parenthood ;)

Irina just shared this fun contest with me. I thought I’d pass it on to my circle of readers as I’d love one of you to win! But beware … I entered, too … and I totally need to be pampered :P

The following excerpt is by Irina but don’t forget to visit her .: BLOG :. for more goodies! Read more…

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As you may have noticed, it’s kinda quiet in here. Apparently I broke something. All the fancy bells and whistles of blog posts are currently kaput and I’m left scratching my head. Until I figure out what I did (and how I can fix it), updating will be on a brief hiatus ;)

Topic: Jersey Shore

Talk amongst yourselves ;)

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