.: Susan Légaré :.
Moments That Shine

You’ll hear enough about and from me within the blog. If you need to know anything about the company, visit the About Us section. Otherwise, take the time to find out about all the other wonderful authors!

  • Extremely Passionate About: besides MTS, music and hockey. Trevor Linden is my not-secret-at-all crush.
  • One Food I’d Arm-Wrestle For: Old Dutch Ketchup Potato Chips.
  • Favourite Place: Canada Place in Vancouver … my husband knew and proposed to me there.
  • Favorite Music: Blue Rodeo, Danny Michel, Sarah Harmer, Peter Gabriel … the list goes on.
  • Favorite Movies: The Philadelphia Story, White Christmas, The Princess Bride … I could go on and on.

.: Jessica Blaine Smith :.
JBSmith Photography

Portrait photography is about capturing the personality of the person in the image. When I create my portraits – whether it be at a wedding, a newborn or a boudoir session – my goal is to seize that essence that makes you an individual. I approach each portrait session as if it is my first.

  • Likes: clean laundry, swimming in oceans, rainstorms, small towns, laughing.
  • Dislikes: doing laundry, crowded subways, closed doors.
  • Favorite Music: gnarls barkley, tv on the radio, ben harper, peter gabriel, feist, arcade fire, cat empire, handsome furs, bloc party, joel plaskett
  • Interests: photography, holgas, lomo, blogs, people, travel, music, food, coffee
  • Favorite Movies: little miss sunshine, amelie, basquiat, lost in translation, big fish, spaceballs, away from her…

.: Jess & Erin :.
Periwinkle Flowers

Periwinkle’s designs have been featured in Wedding Bells magazine, Canadian Living, The Jewish Tribune, Homemaker magazine and the Globe and Mail. Erin is a regular contributor to Snap North Toronto magazine and both ladies were recognized as “pillars of the community” by the North Toronto Post for their charitable works. Periwinkle has been continuously voted “Best of North Toronto” by the Post and they were awarded second place in the nationwide Small Business Excellence Awards organized by Dell in 2006.

  • Favorite Songs: Erin-Satellite by Guster. Jess-Currently loving the entire new Wilco album.
  • Food We’d Arm-Wrestle For: Erin-definitely chocolate. Jess- did someone say chocolate?
  • Creeped Out By: Erin-spiders and centipedes. Jess-what, like that centipede climbing up your leg right now?
  • If We Were Movie Characters We Would Be: Erin-an action hero. Jess-Well, I’ve been told by a certain someone that I closely resemble the forgetful fish in Finding Nemo

.: Tarriell :.

Tarriell won Moments That Shine’s last blogging contest for her compelling proposal story. You can read her entry .: here :. She and her Military Man are planning an intimate gathering in Ottawa this coming May.

  • One of My First Jobs: delivering news papers for the Winnipeg Free Press.
  • A Dream Trip: I’d go to the Mediterranean and spend a few months learning to cook Italian, Greek and Portuguese food.
  • Favorite Song: changes monthly but right now is Geek in the Pink by Jazon Mraz.
  • Food I’d Arm-Wrestle For: a good rare tender slab of roast beef.
  • Not-So-Secret-Confession: total gamer.

.: Autumn Bride :.

Kelly also entered the last Moments That Shine blogging contest. It was a tough decision not to choose her, too! You can read her entry .: here :. Luckily we’ve all been blessed to not only have her as a guest blogger before her big day last October but even more so now that she has agreed to continue writing for us. Oh! And her wedding? Ah-mazing!!!

  • One of My First Jobs: Usher/Concessions at an independent movie theatre.
  • A Christmas Tradition: watching White Christmas.
  • Favorite Song: Brian Wilson, by Barenaked Ladies
  • Food I’d Arm-Wrestle For: Cheesecake, mmmmmm!
  • Favourite TV Shows: CSI, How I Met Your Mother, Mythbusters, Dexter, Flashpoint, Two & A Half Men, True Blood

.: Vivian Konney :.
Vivian’s Decorations & Designs

We specialize in wedding decor for all occasions in the Greater Toronto area & Hamilton. We also decorate weddings, wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, bridal showers, corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries, and more!

  • One food I’d arm wrestle for: anything that’s carbolicious!
  • Favorite Music: gospel, r&b, hilife, hiplife, old school, soul…so much soul
  • Favorite TV Shows: arrested development, king of queens, law & order marathons HGTV, TLC, A&E
  • Favorite Movies: what dreams may come, antoine fisher, ocean’s 11-13
  • What trip I would take if money were no object: Dubai/Turks & Caicos/Greece/St. Tropez!

photo courtesy Mike Pochwat

.: Carolyn McBurney :.
In Home Hair & Make-up Design

What better way to start your day than by being pampered by having your personalized formal hair style and make-up just for you or the whole wedding party in the comfort of your home or the location of your choice. Imagine, no racing around to get to the salon and back in time for your photographer. Just wake up, roll out of bed, hang out in your P.J’s and eat a relaxed breakfast while we do all the work.

  • Favourite Movies: Too many to count!
  • One Food I’d Arm-Wrestle For: Champagne white chocolate truffles
  • Favorite Song:Believe by David Osmond
  • If I Were A Movie Character I’d Be: Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink
  • Something That Scares Me: blood
  • Extremely Passionate About: my kids

.: Nishi Dias :.
Night Day Productions

Our crew will capture every memorable moment in such an unobtrusive way that you’ll hardly know we are there. No cranes, scaffolds or bulky equipment to intrude on your special day. We are professionally trained in photography and T.V. production, so even the most camera-shy wallflower in your party will bloom brightly.

  • One Food I’d Arm-Wrestle For: Baker’s Oven Two-Bite Brownies
  • Favourite Movies: Star Wars; The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; Princess Bride; The Graduate
  • Favorite TV Shows:The Simpsons; The Office; Lost; Heroes; and boy, do I MISS Prison Break!
  • Not-So-Secret-Obsession: YouTube! I’m constantly searching for bizarre and creative videos
  • Creeped Out By: Caterpillers… I don’t even like butterflies because they’re WINGED caterpillers

.: Kristina Laukkanen :.
SugarTree Photography

I specialize in photographing weddings, portraits, and special events. Unlike most commercial photographers, my clients are offered one-on-one consultations, fulfillment of personalized requests, and absolute attention to detail.

  • Favourite Movies: True Romance – and any Tarentino film. Little Miss Sunshine, Indiana Jones, 50 First Dates …
  • One Food I’d Arm-Wrestle For: Chips & Salsa
  • Favorite Song: Candy Girl by New Edition & Glamorous by Fergie – I looove a good beat to groove to
  • If I Were A Movie Character I’d Be: Bridget Jones – I swear I wrote the 1st movie – welcome to my life! :)
  • Not-So-Secret-Confession: I’m a closet knitter!

.: Lisa Bugeja :.
Flour Confections

Flour Confections evolved from a passion for dessert and a love for artistic expression. I make wedding cakes and event cakes because I love the challenge of creating something beautiful out of something so simple as eggs, flour and sugar!

  • Favourite Movies: Magnolia, American Beauty, Stealing Beauty, Swimming with Sharks, ummmmm……
  • Favorite Song: Arg! I hate this question! Umm…..
  • Favourite TV Shows: Prison Break, Lost, Amazing Race, Aces of Cakes, any Food Network cake/baking challenge, My So Called Life, Sex and the City

.: Martin Kolditz :.
MGX Productions

The MGX Mission: To create a fun and exciting video for you and your family to enjoy for a lifetime. With our unobtrusive style of videography, we’ll capture all the special moments, even the ones you didn’t see! After watching your video for the first time, you’ll understand why choosing MGX Productions was such a great decision.

  • Extremely Passionate About: detail and quality
  • One Food I’d Arm-Wrestle For: Apple Crumble!
  • Favorite Song: Invisible Touch by Genesis
  • If I Were A Movie Character I’d Be: I’d be Russell Crowe (without the accent!)
  • Something that Creeps Me Out: bees, wasps, and hornets scare the bejeezus out of me!

.: Kelly Weldrick :.
Makeup In Motion

Kelly Weldrick is a makeup artist with over 17 years experience in the business. Working with cosmetic giants such as Estee Lauder, Holt Renfrew, Shoppers Drug Mart and Caryl Baker Visage, Kelly has widespread product and market knowledge within the beauty industry. Trained at Vancouver Film School, Kelly has extensive experience with bridal, television, photography, fashion show and glamour makeup. She is a makeup artist for guests of Garth Riley on First Take Live and a monthly contributor on Lifestyles with Rita Nave, both on Channel 12 CHEX TV.

  • One Food I’d Arm-Wrestle For: Mars bars
  • Favorite Song: Rain Down On Me – Blue Rodeo
  • If I Were A Movie Character I’d Be: Marilyn Monroe in any role
  • Something That Creeps Me Out: spiders and snakes