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Hi everyone,

I’m fairly certain everyone knows but just in case …

The huge news for Moments That Shine? We’re closing up shop for a while as we relocate from Toronto to Vancouver! It’s a huge and scary step but it’s a family decision that I’m bursting with pride over.

Being a BC girl, this is a dream come true. My entire family is there and that is something I didn’t want my daughter growing up missing. I also want to share it with my husband. The past 13 years here have been something I wouldn’t change for anything but it’s time for me to teach, guide and give for a change.

I leave an incredibly long list of friends because of my venture here. JBSmith Photography was my very first vendor-to-vendor meeting and Jessica became an instant ally and friend. Pretty sure I have a thing for photogs as the lovely Jennifer at Live Laugh Photograph is one of my most recent hug-upon-sight friends.
My clients have been incredible and for some strange reason, many became truly dear to me and it has stayed that way (looking at you, Kelly!). I’m not going to mention any more names as it isn’t needed. You know who you are.

And this isn’t the end of the road! In a couple months, after settling, I’ll reevaluate things and perhaps set up shop in the west!

All the best to all I won’t be seeing before I leave. My home in BC will always be a welcome spot

~ Cheers, Susan

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